Muse on Dungeons: Hero token Set

  • Muse on Dungeons: Hero token Set


Unique heroes? No problem! This set designed by Roll20 Artist David North is sure to have what you're looking for - whether it is a grizzled dwarf fighter or a stoic knight. This set includes the following: 

2x Tiefling Wizards
2x Tiefling Warlocks
2x Human Wizards
2x Human Paladins
2x Half-Orc Fighters
2x Half-Orc Barbarians
2x Halfing Rangers
2x Gnome Sorcerers
1x Elf Druid
2x Elf Bards
2x Dwarf Fighters
2x Dwarf Clerics
2x Dragonborn Fighters

Be sure to check out David North's Roll20 Store to see more of the great things that his amazing artist has to offer!