Muse on Dungeons: Status Effect Pack

  • Muse on Dungeons: Status Effect Pack


Has your character ever been stunned, blinded, or even exhausted? Keeping track of all the different conditions that can afflict your character can be a lot of book keeping, and not having an indicator on the battle grid can often lead to you and your GM forgetting what conditions have active. This Status Effect Pack, designed by Roll20's David North, is a surefire way to gain you that extra inspiration from your GM when the dice hit the table. 

This set includes the following:

1x Unconscious Token
1x Stunned Token
1x Restrained Token
1x Prone Token
1x Poisoned Token
1x Petrified Token
1x Paralyzed Token
1x Invisible Token
1x Incapacitated Token
1x Grappled Token
1x Frightened Token
1x Deafened Token
1x Charmed Token
1x Blinded Token
1x Magnetic Exhaustion Dial (with numbers 1-6, indicating the level of exhaustion)


Be sure to check out David North's Roll20 Store to see more of the great things that his amazing artist has to offer!