Muse on Dungeons: Undead token Set

  • Muse on Dungeons: Undead token Set


In the hidden parts of the world, the dead walk. This set, curated and designed by Roll20's David North contains 25 of the most vile undead creatures to ever menace the living. Printed in full colour on clear acrylic, this is sure to add an amazing visual element to your Dungeons and Dragons adventures. 

This set includes the following:

4x Zombies
3x Ghouls
3x Ghasts
4x Skeletons
1x Zombie Plague Spreader
1x Jiangchi
1x Demilich
1x Death Knight
1x Revenant
1x Zombie Clot (75mm)
1x Flame Skull
2x Crawling Hands
1x Swarm of Zombie Limbs
1x Vecna the Chained God (50mm)

Be sure to check out David North's Roll20 Store to see more of the great things that his amazing artist has to offer!