Guild Ball: Brewers Full color Tokens

  • Guild Ball:  Brewers Full color Tokens


Guildball Season 3 is about to Kickoff and with that Muse on Minis is launching our new officially licensed Guildball Tokens. These Vibrant, 2 sided durable tokens and Neoprene Area of Effect markers will look great on any pitch.  


Dirty Knives x2
I Shoot Better After a Beer...
Tough Skin
Smashed Shins x 2
Dodge Used x2
Tooled Up
Time's Called
Molotov 3” AoE
Marked Target
Commanding Aura
Blast Earth 3” AoE
Fire Blast 3” AoE

Empowered Voice Speed x3
Empowered Voice Strength x3
Empowered Voice Agility x3
Gluttonous Mass Used
Super Shot
Second Wind
Bag of Quaffers
Close Control Used
Back to His Best





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