Guild Ball: Engineers Full color Tokens

  • Guild Ball:  Engineers Full color Tokens


Guildball Season 3 is about to Kickoff and with that Muse on Minis is launching our new officially licensed Guildball Tokens. These Vibrant, 2 sided durable tokens and Neoprene Area of Effect markers will look great on any pitch.  


Second Wind
Singled Out
Close Control Used x3

Stoic Used
Tooled Up
Blast Earth 3” AoE x2
Arrow to the Knee
Reanimate Used x3
True Rep (needs a blank space to write on)
Sturdy Used
Alternator x3
Deletion x3
Mechanical Heart
Oil Token x6
Aggressive Defence
Smashed Shins x2
Chemical Resist x2
Horrific Odour

Gluttonous Mass Used



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