L2V3LUP Set of 6 Markers

  • L2V3LUP Set of 6 Markers
  • L2V3LUP Set of 6 Markers


Sorry, the L2V3LUP Set of 6 Markers is not currently available.

Brightly coloured Play On Tabletop branded acrylic markers make it easy to see those sweet point scoring objectives on the battlefield. Go collect your victory points just like in the Play On Tabletop battles on YouTube. This is a set of 6x 40mm acrylic double-sided print markers.

Material is acrylic.

Dimensions: 40mm round.

Comes with the L2V3LUP Campaign Exclusives.

  • Digital Invitation* to Watch an Exclusive Live Stream from the upgraded studio.
  • Digital Invitation* to Watch an Exclusive 40k in 40m made in the upgraded studio that will not be published to the public.
  • Your Name** on the Wall of Champions. We celebrate your support by having your name on this permanent display within the upgraded studio.
  • Any stretch goals achieved during this campaign.

*Only 1 Digital Invitation per email per event. We use the email from your Muse On Minis customer account or this purchase. 
**We use the name listed on this purchase.

Fulfilment will start during this campaign and run to the end of 2022. All products purchased in a single order will be shipped together. Please note that t-shirts are not expected to start shipping until a month after this campaign ends. If you have t-shirts on your order please be patient and expect shipping notifications at the earliest a month after this campaign ends.

Exclusive Live Streams and Exclusive 40k in 40m cannot begin production until after the studio is upgraded. We anticipate these events will occur in the Spring of 2023 earliest and possibly the Summer of 2023.

Play On Tabletop will be using your email from this order to update you on your Digital Campaign Exclusives. 

Type Game Accessories