L2V3LUP Video Message

  • L2V3LUP Video Message


Sorry, the L2V3LUP Video Message is not currently available.

Do you want to hear JT narrate a bit directly to you? Do you need some dramatics in your life delivered from the Child of Chaos Tycho? How about hearing from Mr. Nice Guy Nick about things T'au or Explosions? Maybe you want to see if Tak and Steve can coordinate a message together without Tak storming off in annoyance? Get a video message from your chosen member(s) of Play On. 

We are limiting this product to a small quantity.

These high ticket items provide a great deal of support for the L2V3LUP Campaign and our desire to raise the bar for tabletop video content again. 

We will be in touch via email prior to writing on your box so we can personalize the message.

Comes with the L2V3LUP Campaign Exclusives.

  • Digital Invitation* to Watch an Exclusive Live Stream from the upgraded studio.
  • Digital Invitation* to Watch an Exclusive 40k in 40m made in the upgraded studio that will not be published to the public.
  • Your Name** on the Wall of Champions. We celebrate your support by having your name on this permanent display within the upgraded studio.
  • Any stretch goals achieved during this campaign.

*Only 1 Digital Invitation per email per event. We use the email from your Muse On Minis customer account or this purchase. 
**We use the name listed on this purchase.

We will begin to contact people who have requested a video message via the email used for this purchase starting the last week of October into mid-November. We are endeavouring to have all video messages recorded and sent before the end of the year.

Exclusive Live Streams and Exclusive 40k in 40m cannot begin production until after the studio is upgraded. We anticipate these events will occur in the Spring of 2023 earliest and possibly the Summer of 2023.

Play On Tabletop will be using your email from this order to update you on your Digital Campaign Exclusives.