Play On Tabletop L2V3LUP Campaign


PHYSICAL PRODUCT SHIPPING. T-shirts and Dice box materials were a bit delayed but are shipping starting this date (Nov 10, 2022).
PERSONALIZED PHYSICAL PRODUCT. We have received the materials to personalize and hope to have these in people's hands before the end of the year.

DIGITAL PRODUCT. We are working on a web portal for this now. Our aim is to get an initial email out this month and then regular updates from that point.

Play On Tabletop wants to evolve tabletop video content and is looking for support to upgrade our studio and equipment.

We have developed some sweet swag for your tabletop experiences and with each order you help us to pursue more innovation and produce more content on a consistent basis. With every order you will also receive a digital invitation to an exclusive Live Stream to celebrate the opening of the new upgraded studio (once it is done), as well as a digital invitation to an exclusive 40k in 40m that are for supporters of this campaign only! You will also be eligible to have your name on our Wall of Champions, a permanent display in the upgraded studio.


Most of all the net revenue we make from this campaign (after material expenses and shipping costs) is going towards equipment. We need a better lighting rig. We also want to upgrade some of our cameras and audio equipment so we can cover tabletop games without limitations. The fun is in the research and development we are going to undertake in an effort to create a more immersive experience for our shows. This could be interactive table elements and/or interactive set elements. This could mean a very different and much more versatile set for more variety of games. 


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