Guild Ball: Cooks Guild Token Set

  • Guild Ball: Cooks Guild Token Set


The Cooks are the fourth of the Minor Guilds to reveal themselves, after the Ratcatchers, Falconers, and Navigators. Allied with the vicious Butcher's Guild, the Cook's ability to whip up a buffet of blood puts these two Guilds in perfect synchronization.

Ready to cook something up, this set includes:
1X Chefs Special
1X Get it while it's hot
1X Get Set, Back!
1X Thousand Cuts
2X Singled OUt
1X Master Chef
1X Sturdy Used
1x Rush Keeper Used
1X Resilience Used
2X Goal Influence
10X Momentum
15X Influence
1X 3" Fire AoE

Type Game Accesories