Guild Ball: Morticians Full color Tokens

  • Guild Ball:  Morticians Full color Tokens


Guildball Season 3 is about to Kickoff and with that Muse on Minis is launching our new officially licensed Guildball Tokens. These Vibrant, 2 sided durable tokens and Neoprene Area of Effect markers will look great on any pitch.  


Ghostly Visage 3” AoE  x1
Heavy Burden
Reanimate Used x1
Screeching Banshee
Singled Out
Fear Used
Tooled Up
Confidence x2
Dodge Used
Shut Out
Fire Blast 3” AoE
Second Wind
Wake the Dead x2(counts as two more Reanimate Deads)
Rabid Animal
Rising anger (Ghast)
Offensive defence (Bonesaw)
Crazy (Cosset)


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