Muse on Dungeons: Core Monster Set

  • Muse on Dungeons: Core Monster Set
  • Muse on Dungeons: Core Monster Set


A world of adventure awaits! Populate your dungeons with our Muse on Dungeons: Monster set with a lot of core monsters and NPCs for a large variety of encounters. This set includes 100 full colour creatures on clear cut acrylic bases curated and designed by popular Roll20 Artist David North to use in your games.

The entire set includes the following:

5x Goblin
1x Goblin Boss
2x Nilbog
3x Bugbear
1x Bugbear Chieftain
4x Gnolls
3x Gnoll Flesh Gnawers
1x Gnoll Fang
1x Gnoll Flind
2x Gnoll Hunters
3x Gnoll Witherlings
1x Gnoll Pack Lord
2x Death Dog
1x Mimic
1x Doppleganger
1x Grick
1x Spectator
3x Choker
1x Galeb Duhr
3x Blink Dogs
2x hyenas

2x Worgs (50mm)
1x Beholder (50mm)
1x Phase Spider (50mm)
2x Giant Spiders (50mm)
1x Gelatinous Cube (50mm)
1x Devourer (50mm)
2x Owlbear (50mm)
3x Roper (50mm)
1x Carrion Crawler (50mm)
2x Minotaurs (50mm)
1x Ochre Jelly (50mm)
1x Ogre (50mm)
1x Chimera (50mm)
1x Shambling Mound (50mm)

1x Hydra (75mm)
1x Red Dragon (75mm)
1x White Dragon (75mm)
1x Green Dragon (75mm)

2x Gladiators
10x Commoners
2x Guards
3x Bandits
1x Bandit Captain
2x Human Paladins (Two Variants)
2x Half Orc Barbarians (Two Variants)
2x Elf Bard (Two Variants)
2x Halfling Rogues (Two Variants)
2x Tiefling Warlocks (Two Variants)
2x Dwarf Clerics (Two Variants)
2x Gnome Sorcerers (Two Variants)
2x Dragonborn Fighters (Two Variants)

This expansive set encompasses 20 levels of adventure for Dungeons and Dragons or any Roleplaying Game that uses a 25mm tactical map. 

Be sure to check out David North's Roll20 Store to see more of the great things that his amazing artist has to offer!